Visualize Git Data Using SQL

Combine sqliteviz and AskGit to visualize data in git repositories.

AskGit enables SQL queries against data in git repositories. Sqliteviz is a client-side visualization tool for SQLite databases. Marrying the two is pretty easy and makes a lot of sense 🙂.

You can run the askgit export command to produce a SQLite database file, which can then be loaded into sqliteviz, to make some cool graphs like this:

…the result of the following SQL query against the Kubernetes source code:

-- commit counts by author email domain
substr(author_email, instr(author_email, '@')+1) AS email_domain --
FROM commits
WHERE parents < 2 -- ignore merge commits
GROUP BY email_domain
ORDER BY count(*) DESC
view raw email-domains.sql hosted with ❤ by GitHub

which aggregates the number of commits in a repo by committer email domain - possibly useful as a proxy for how much an organization contributes to a codebase.

The following command will get you a SQLite database with the Kubernetes commit history (from the default branch).

askgit export kubernetes.db -e commits -e "select * from commits('')"

Which can then be loaded into sqliteviz and explored. You can also run queries directly in the browser at